Hand Sanitizers- just a Passing Trend or a Habit to Keep

Grab the tiny little bottle, pump it, rub it, and your hands are germs free. With the corona virus outbreak, the usage and consumption of sanitizers have exploded in the market. Hand sanitizing is a popular hand cleaning practice and is becoming more frequent day by day because of its amazing advantages.

Hand sanitizers are used to keep away the pathogens, viruses, and other germs that can infect you with any deadly infection. These days hand sanitizers are present everywhere. At the grocery store, shopping malls, petrol pumps, and in normal localities too. Before the vivid outbreak of the coronavirus, only 10 percent of the people used hand sanitizers daily. With the outbreak of the virus, every person in the entire world used these hand sanitizers.

Now, let's understand whether the usage of these hand sanitizers should pass away with the passing of corona, or people should keep using them for their entire life.

Is hand sanitizer's bane or boon?

Well, we all are aware of the latest and the trendiest safety turns, and that is sanitizing your hands and everything around that is used by someone else or publically. Sanitizers are selling faster than hot chocolate, fudge, and we never imagined that to happen.

Why should sanitizers be a habit of keeping and not just a passing trend?

Do you all remember when the whole world was under house arrest, and the deaths were increasing due to this deadly virus? At that time, sanitizers were the easiest and most effective precautions taken by everyone to protect themselves, their families, and children. However, the sanitizers aren't the only and the perfect medication to kill the virus, but the first measure to prevent the virus's entry inside your body, which is essential.

No proven study says that corn will be gone forever, or if it is gone, we cannot predict when another pandemic arrives. Therefore, to keep yourself safe and protect your health, it is very important to sanitize your hands and everything around you on a daily basis. This will automatically lower the risk of getting infected and keep you away from such germs and infections.

One of the most important factors that will help make sanitizers a sour daily habit is that they are super easy to access and use. All you need to do is to carry a bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer everywhere you go.


Apart from these, there are many other advantages of using hand sanitizers. These day’s sanitizer bottles come in different shapes and fragrances. But it is clinically recommended to use 97% alcohol-based sanitizers to kill the germs effectively. Also, make sure that you should not use sanitizers on your wet and dirty hands as it will only spread the germs more rather than killing them. Rub the hand sanitizer on your hand till your hands are dry, and your hands are germs free within 3 seconds. Isn't it great?

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