The Importance Of Hand Sanitizer Placement In The Workplace

A simple action like sanitizing your hands can save you up to $250 annually! When you shake hands, touch doorknobs, or type on your laptop, you pick up germs. These germs are then transferred into your body when you eat or touch your mouth and face.

As many as 80 percent of all illnesses are spread through the hand. So, it makes perfect sense to install an automatic hand-sanitizer at the workplace where people from different locations work together.

Why are sanitizers the best options in the workplace?

Yes, you can wash your hands with a bar of soap and water, but it is not a convenient option in the workplace. Getting up and going to the washroom has frequently been a waste of time. In such cases, a hand sanitizer can help you clean your hands while also reducing wastage of water.

Here are the scientifically proven benefits of sanitizing your hands:

Near-total Wipeout of germs: Hand sanitizers can clear your hands of 97% of bacteria and germs. So, even if you pick up bacteria or viruses on your hands, you can easily get rid of them.

Fewer chances of falling sick: You will be less likely to fall sick if you sanitize your hands properly. Most of us carry diseases from the workplace. So, sanitizing your hands will prevent you from felling sick.

It is faster than soap and water: Sanitizers work three times faster than regular soap and water. If you use soap and water, you need to wash your hands for 120 seconds, whereas with a sanitizer, you need just 30 seconds.

Features of a good sanitizer for offices

The right sanitizer will remove all the germs effectively from your hands and keep them clean. This is how you can choose the right sanitizer and install it at your workplace:

Higher alcohol content: Use a sanitizer containing at least 70% alcohol. Anything less than that will not be much effective.

Buy automatic hand sanitizers: Automatic hand sanitizers are less risky as you don’t have to touch them physically.

Use a sanitizer with less fragrance: Some people are allergic to artificial fragrances. Therefore, select the sanitizer that has non-aromatic chemical compounds.

Where should you place the hand sanitizer at the workplace?

These are the best locations for placing a hand sanitizer at the office:

Near entrances and exits, like door knobs and handles, carry the maximum number of germs.

In the canteens, common rooms, or conference halls.

Near switchboards and other places that are frequently touched.

Beside copiers, fax machines, water dispensers, and other objects that are commonly used. These days, you can easily buy hand sanitizer online and reduce your chances of getting an infection from shopping centers or stores.


The right-hand hygiene at the workplace can save many lives. It can reduce the number of sick leaves people apply for. Thus, a hand-sanitizer at the workplace will boost the overall health and productivity of workers.

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