Which Is The Faster Method For Killing Germs?

The best way of eliminating germs is to use soap water. Washing your hands with the help of boiled water will surely kill all the disease-causing germs. It is obvious to get perplexed when someone asks you to wash hands frequently. It is often said that viruses can easily come in contact through the surfaces of different objects you touch. This is exactly the reason as to why one should wash their hands before eating or doing any other activity. Normally, viruses are made up of nucleic acid, RNA, lipids, and proteins. Soap is best suited for breaking up the virus by dissolving the lipid present inside them. Sunkure Fresh and Pure Hand Sanitizers have won the confidence of many customers. Customers prefer buying it because of the quality assurance.

What does soap contain?

Soaps are made up of amphiphiles which are somewhat similar to lipids and are extremely important for separating the virus from the skin. Basically, one should wash their hands using soap for at least 30seconds. If you are using boiled water and lemon. Then, it is definitely going to be more effective.

Are Sanitizers equally effective?

Sunkure Fresh and Pure Hand Sanitizers are equally effective as soap water. One should always purchase a hand sanitizer containing at least 60-80% of Alcohol. Low Alcohol-based Sanitizers are not effective for killing the germs. Sanitized may not come into contact with your fingers. Therefore, this gives an edge to soap over Sanitizers.

Comparative Analysis of Hand Sanitizers and Soap.

1) Hand Sanitizer can be conveniently carried. However, soaps cannot be carried. In some cases, you might not find an adequate amount of water so as to wash your hands properly.

2) Sunkure Fresh and Pure Hand Sanitizers are effective in killing all kinds of germs and viruses. Norovirus is an exception. On the contrary, washing hands through soap can eliminate all the bacteria, germs, and so on.

3) Sunkure Fresh and Pure Hand Sanitizers are costly when compared to soap.

4) Sanitizers don't work well when hands contain layers of grease, paint, and dirt. It is recommended to clean it using soap.

5) Sometimes excessive usage of soap can make your hand rough. Branded Sanitizers do not cause any skin irritations.

How to buy sanitized online?

You can easily buy a hand Sanitizer using an e-commerce site. Sunkure Fresh and Pure Hand Sanitizers are easily available in the market. The rate is budgeted as well as pocket friendly.


Hand Sanitizers should and must be used as complementary to soapy water. It should be used when washing hands through soapy water is not the available remedy for you.

According to studies, one must wash their hands at least 2 times per hour. Washing hands through soap and Sanitizers help in developing a good hand hygiene habit. A Sunkure Fresh and Pure Hand Sanitizer contain a lot of chemicals that ensure you about your safety. These chemicals aren't harmful at all.

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