• Sunkure provides fresh and pure gel hand sanitizer in a 12 ounce bottle with pump top. This product is suitable for those situations where water or towels are not available. The pump bottle is ideal for restrooms and kitchens in schools, restaurants, hotels, and clinics, developed with a healthy mix of skin conditioners, including aloe. This product destroys over 99.99% of the most common germs in 15 seconds when used regularly.


    Recommended to use regularly.  This product is free of triclosan, paraben, phthale, preservatives, and contains four hydrating ingredients, ensuring that the skin is not irritated.


    SKU: 707245-900751
    $4.00 per 12 Ounces
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    • Satisfaction Gauranteed - You can return any unopened products within 10 days of receipt less a 30% restocking fee.

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